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NeoOffice :: View topic - Known Limitations for 2.0RC3?
Known Limitations for 2.0RC3?
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 6:41 am    Post subject: Known Limitations for 2.0RC3?

All, I am working on the "READ ME" for the 2.0 line of OO.oX11. Here is the list of known limitations from the 1.1.2 readme, how many of these can get crossed off? are their any additional ones to add?


· OpenOffice.org does not launch with a blank document. Users must create a blank document using File > New on first launch.
· It is not possible to collapse windows in OOo 1.1.2 or have non-floating toolbars due to intentional design changes between 1.0.x and 1.1.x.
· OOo is installed in a single-user mode by default. Multiple user accounts, particularly user accounts with networked home directories, may not be fully supported.
· PDFs generated by the internal OpenOffice.org PDF exporter may not be 100% compatible with the Apple Preview application.
· Keyboard input of "dead keys" required for some foreign language input methods may not function properly.
· Full keyboard navigation of menus may not be functional due to Option/Alt being reserved for Macintosh keyboard input.
· Accessibility support for Assistive Technologies is not fully implemented.
· When used with Apple X11 Beta 0.3, windows may exhibit an unavoidable positioning "creep" by the height of the menubar as they are opened. This may result in dialogs eventually being positioned offscreen after long-term usage. This behaviour is not present in Apple X11 Final for Panther.
· Bullets imported from Microsoft Office documents may be different in appearance.
· To use ODBC, you must use a jdbc-odbc bridge. Native ODBC is not functional.
· Netscape plugins cannot be embedded within OpenOffice.org documents.
· Some printers may have corrupt PPDs. Select a generic PPD for your printer, if available. Otherwise, use the PDF Converter to create PDF files that you can print from Preview or Adobe Acrobat.
· Paper sizes for some PPDs may not be usable from OOo.
· Printing may be incompatible with GhostScript distributions other then ESP-Ghostscript 7.05.
· If your printer does not have a PPD, it may not be possible to print from OOo.
· It is not possible to open files that are locked on disk. OpenOffice.org will report a general Read/Write error, but not report the file as locked.
· Attempting to load a remote file via the Open URL menu or the File > Open menu item may result in an unexpected error in some cases.
· Locally mounted disks and partitions may appear as "network mounts" in file choosers and dialogs.
· OOo cannot resolve Mac aliases and will open the alias rather then the file to which it points.
· It is not possible to embed Java applets within OpenOffice.org documents.
· TWAIN scanner image capture may or may not be functional.
· PowerPoint graphics may be corrupted on import.
· OLE communication between OOo and other Mac OS X applications is non-functional.
· ActiveX control is not supported.
· Clipboard data exchange is limited to 128 character plain text copy/paste.
· Page sizes set through Format > Page Settings will override defaults for Printer Settings.
· Crashes may occur when undoing operations in documents that contain multiple page sizes.
· When deleting graphics embedded in tables, other graphics occurring later in the document may need to be re-inserted.
· Font face and size for formulas may not be retained across save/load.
· Importing Microsoft Office documents containing OLE objects that have their own version histories may result in crashes.
· It may not be possible to import "dual format" PowerPoint files that advertise themselves as PP95 files that actually have PP97 formatted contents.
· This build has been tested only on Mac OS X 10.2 and higher only. Mac OS X 10.1 and earlier systems are not supported.
· Macintosh fonts for foreign languages, particularly languages with multi-byte character sets or non-MacRoman encodings, may not be functional with OOo. TrueType fonts may need to be copied from Windows or other OOo supported operating systems for these languages.
· Some symbol/glyph TrueType fonts are incompatible with FreeType 6.2 and may cause bullets or math symbols to be drawn incorrectly or not at all. The problem symbol fonts will need to be replaced with compatible fonts.
· Some fonts, particularly Arabic fonts, use kerning, hinting, and glyph substitution that cannot be properly replicated by FreeType.
· Fonts that are rendered as X11 screen bitmap fonts will not be antialiased.
· Bold and italic text for some TrueType fonts that do not have their own bold and italic variants may not appear.
· Some converted fonts may lose metric and kerning information.
· To use native Macintosh fonts, the Macintosh fonts must first be converted to plain TrueType format and then added into the OpenOffice.org environment. This installer will attempt to convert many fonts automatically. For fonts that do not get converted automatically, they must be converted manually using the fondu tool. The fondu tool is installed automatically by this installer and is also available for download at http://fondu.sourceforge.net Once a font has had a .ttf file generated for it from fondu, simply copy the .ttf file into /Applications/OpenOffice.org1.1.2/share/fonts/truetype and it will be available in the OpenOffice.org environment. You can use Start OpenOffice.org as a droplet for converting fonts by dropping the dfont directly on Start OOo.
· Not all fonts can be properly converted by fondu for use with OOo
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